Why Mac?

You’ve heard that Macs are cool. Your friends are always telling you how much they love their Mac, and it seems like everyone around you is making the switch. But why all the fuss? What exactly makes Macs so great? And is a Mac the perfect fit for you?

We’re thinking yes! And we’re here to show just what exactly all that fuss is about.

Better Hardware

Macs are built to last. They’re precisely crafted with countless details that create the ultimate user experience. They’re built using quality materials like aluminum and glass that make it just as durable as they are sleek.

Besides their chic exteriors, Macs come standard with the latest technology. Every Mac is packed with power, from their powerful Intel processors to their DDR3 memory to the high-performance graphics. There’s no need to upgrade here—with a Mac, you know you’re getting a high-powered computer experience right out of the box.

Better Technology

Macs are known for their innovative technology. With Multi-Touch trackpads, wireless keyboards, a wireless mouse, built-in FaceTime camera and mic, ambient light sensors, and more, you know you’re getting a product with the most innovative technology out there.

Additionally, Macs are designed for energy efficiency. Because Apple designs the hardware and software, they are able to design hardware that works alongside the operating system to conserve power.

Better Software

Macs come pre-packaged with an outstanding assortment of software. This software allows you to perform every day tasks right out of the box within minutes.

Organizing your photos and making stunning photobooks is simple with iPhoto. And iMovie makes moviemaking with your family memories as simple as a couple of clicks. GarageBand allows you to learn that instrument you’ve been meaning to pick up and then mix your own music once you’ve mastered it. You can do pretty much anything and everything on your Mac, and the software makes it all a breeze.

Better Operating System

OS X is the most advanced operating system out there. All of the applications work together so that once you’ve got the hang of one app, you’ve pretty much got all of them mastered. All of the applications and software are integrated, making everything easier and more intuitive.

One of the greatest things about Macs is they don’t get PC viruses. You can kiss those nasty viruses goodbye once and for all by doing nothing at all. Mac OS X guards itself against viruses so you can have peace of mind while you surf the web.

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